Why a Landscaping Franchise May Cut Your Investment Potential

For a first-time investor, the ease of franchising makes it a very attractive way to start a business. A landscaping franchise may seem like a great one to cut your teeth on. The start-up costs are comparably low since you don’t need a brick-and-mortar location to operate out of, and at first you won’t need much more than lawn mowers, clippers, and a van to get your crews from place to place.

But, before you buy a landscaping franchise, you’ll want to examine the drawbacks of this kind of business and consider other, similar, franchises that will make the most of your investment potential.

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Consider the Competition

If you’ve done your research, you’ve learned there are roughly a dozen different landscape companies selling franchises. As someone looking to buy a franchise, this is a good thing. You can find the one that best aligns with your values and your goals, the one with the franchises that are performing the strongest. But consider this: Once you buy that franchise, all those other choices become your competitors. Not to mention all the other independent landscaping businesses out there. And the teenagers who earn extra money on weekends and in the summers by mowing their neighbors’ lawns.

As the owner of a landscaping business, even a well-known franchise, you will need to work hard to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Your Biggest Expense

As the owner of a landscaping business, your biggest expense will be labor. During your research, you may have noticed that most of those landscaping franchises recommend starting your business with approximately six employees. (One company recommends fifteen.)

It goes without saying that the more employees you have, the higher your labor costs will be.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported an unemployment rate of 3.6% for June 2022 (the latest figures currently available.) That means pretty much everyone who wants a job has one already. And since the landscaping industry is known for a high turnover rate, you may have trouble finding employees to staff your business. You may have to settle for candidates with fewer qualifications and less experience. This could cost you in the long run because if they don’t maintain the standards your customers have come to expect, you may start losing business to the competition. 

The Seasonal Nature of the Landscaping Industry

Landscapers quickly learn that while they may have more work than they can handle in the spring and summer, they may struggle to find jobs in the fall and winter. Homeowners turn their attention from their lawns and gardens, now brown and dormant, to the interiors of their houses. They need their yards mowed less frequently in the colder months and may discontinue your services completely during this time.

As a business owner you need to budget for this. Keep in mind that the seasonal slowdown may mean you need to reduce your staff during this period. If those employees decided not to return to their jobs in the spring, you will have to start the hiring process over again.

Consider Owning a Concrete Craft Franchise Instead

Concrete Craft is a the only nationally franchised decorative concrete company. Franchisees use our proprietary processes to stamp, stain, and resurface concrete in order to make it look like more expensive materials such as stone, tile, brick, slate, and wood. Each of our franchisees gets an exclusive territory based on 100,000 single-family homes. No other franchisee is allowed to do business in your territory, limiting the competition you will face.

Unlike landscaping, decorative concrete is not a seasonal business. Besides doing exterior concrete work on walkways and patios, in colder months we do many interior projects including fireplaces and even floors.

You can start a Concrete Craft with only two people —meaning you will only have to hire one employee to work with you.

And according to information compiled by Entrepreneur magazine, Concrete Craft provides considerably more training than most landscape companies. New franchisees spend two weeks learning their craft. This includes classroom lessons, as well as hands-on learning where new franchisees work side by side with our best installers.

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