4 Handyman Business Ideas You May Not Have Considered


According to IBISWorld, there are over 400,000 handyman businesses in the U.S. today. The majority of these kinds of businesses operate as non-employers, or owner-operator businesses. The majority of their focus is on the residential and property management sector.

When it comes to looking at handyman business ideas, there are certainly many to choose from. The issue in starting this kind of business isn’t necessarily whether you have the skills, but whether there’s a demand and market to keep you busy enough to grow a business.

Consider These Handyman Business Ideas

Let’s take a look at some options that can help you differentiate yourself from the thousands of handyman businesses already in existence.

1. Laborer for Other Businesses

When building a clientele, it can be helpful to be available to other businesses as well who may need certain labor. For example, if you’re a drywall installer or flooring installer, you can develop a relationship with contractors, interior design professionals, and others in the home renovation industry who need these types of services. This can be a good way to supplement your income without being entirely reliant on clients you find yourself.

2. Niche Market Handyman

You can also take a certain aspect of the handyman industry and specialize, such as becoming a seniors’ handyman. If your skillset includes being patient and compassionate, and you’re knowledgeable about accessibility for older adults, a handyman business idea that focuses on an aging population might be a great marketing strategy.

3. Licensed Professional Status

If you’re a licensed professional, such as a carpenter or plumber, you can promote that certification to your advantage. Again, this may allow you to be under contract with another business while developing business on your own with marketing outreach and homeowner referrals.

4. A Business Beyond Yourself

One of the challenges in starting a handyman business is that you may not have anything to sell when you decide to retire. If you establish a business that can continue beyond your skill set, you have an asset that has financial value attached. That’s where starting a business like Concrete Craft can be a serious consideration.

Start a Business with Concrete Craft

You can use many of your handyman skills in the decorative concrete business, and you can build an asset that can be scaled as you grow and sold when you’re ready to retire. When you have more options with a business, you can often build more revenue opportunities as well.

Virtual Market Research reports that the North America decorative concrete market is estimated to be worth $4.32 billion and is projected to reach a value of $6.83 billion by 2030. This is a growth rate of 5.9%. which is more than many businesses are anticipated to enjoy.

A Solid Training Program

Concrete Craft provides a solid training program, so you learn everything about the business first hand. Often, franchise owners will grow their business by adding installers and other work crew members to perform the work. There’s plenty of flexibility in this business, with processes that include concrete resurfacing, staining, stamping, concrete restoration, polishing, and more.

We Earn Our Accolades!

Your concrete franchise support network includes more than 85 franchise owners in North America who are part of the largest decorative concrete franchise in the nation. We ranked No. 1 in the concrete coatings category on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list for 2023, along with ranking No. 92 in the top home-based and mobile franchise category, and No. 79 in the top franchise for veterans.

We Are a Low-Investment Opportunity

The total investment for a Concrete Craft franchise is just over $155,000. Of that, we can provide up to $40,000 of in-house financing. That means your total cash required to become a franchise owner is around $116,000. For a business you can sell when you retire, Concrete Craft is worth exploring.

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